Ed F.

“Although working through debt could cause a lot of anxiety I couldn’t be happier than a partner with Canyon. The people you work with from start to finish are so amazing and caring. Making sure they take the time to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. Thank you to everyone who helped me along this path!”

John S.

“Canyon Legal Group Customer Service team genuinely wants to help people, which makes them an ideal customer service team. They take the time to understand their role in the company and they also become very familiar with the limitations of their position as well. Your Customer Service team always shows Professionalism, expertise and excellent service that makes the entire process comfortable and a pleasant experience. 5 STARS to Canyon Legal Group Customer Service team. That is something that the team should always be very proud of. I highly recommend this company.”

David D.

“The people at Canyon are absolutely wonderful! They truly base their business on taking care of their clients’ needs. If you are in uncontrollable debt, call Canyon. Everyone there listens, relates and offerS manageable solutions EVERY TIME I CALL! Debt relief programs are generally shady, untrustworthy and down right thieves. Canyon is the OPPOSITE! Don’t wait. If you’re in debt Canyon is the only place you should call.”

Branda P.

“This program has been an amazing help and has assisted me in settling my debt whereas I would have no way of doing it myself! I appreciate the time spent.”

Manoel P.

“I transferred my account in January 2020 to Canyon from another Negotiating Co as that company had not settled a single debt in 8 months. At one time Canyon service was a bit sluggish and I kept calling but not much happened. I just kept pushing them and things started to happen. I am not very patient. I like fast results. But in the last few months I had great results with several credit card balances getting resolved. I had 7 cards totaling about $80K of which only $17K remains to be negotiated. I now have only 2 creditors to settle with. Canyon has performed very well and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I strongly recommend Canyon Legal Group. Make sure you have funds available to settle for quick settlements.”